Stars Over the Arches

We pulled into The Arches National Park in Utah last night, after a full day of driving and exploring for canyons.  There wasn’t a park ranger at the gate and the entrance was open. Tired and worn from a long day, we decided to at least find the first observation point so I could should Nate something he’d never seen. This was just about midnight pulling in.

We came to the first observation point in the park, Park Avenue Viewpoint (fitting) and got out of the car. When Nate looked up, he got to observe, for the first time, a sky full of stars and the Milky Way Galaxy. He laid on the ground and took it all in while I experimented with settings for night photography.

I had forgot to pack my shutter release cable so this was the best I could do with a 30 sec exposure.

End Transmission

From my rooftop in New York City in lower Manhattan, Battery Park City. When I filmed this I knew I would be leaving New York in about a month and a half. I thought seeing in later would make me a little sad to miss the rooftop, my apartment and living in NYC, but it doesn’t.

Zombies and Politics

I tried to buy some ammo for my handgun yesterday, for the first time in over six months. No one, and I mean no one has any on the shelf to sell. People have been making runs on Ammo since Newtown and the newest debate over gun legislation. Which, is interesting, considering no one is talking about limiting ammo sales, especially for a common .9mm.

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Toyota 4Runner Overhaul

When I came back to Oklahoma in 2009, my original plan wasn’t to stay. I was waiting out the recession then heading back to New York City. I needed a car however and Nikki had an extra one after just buying a new car, so she leased me her 4Runner. After I took the job at Devon and decided to stay in Oklahoma, I bought the 4Runner from her. Since then I’ve had a new air conditioner put into it, all new drive belts, a new thermostat, a new windshield, 2 new lights, Rear brakes and drum replaced, Axel seals repaired, and now all new 16″ (had 15″) tires with all new wheels.

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