A point of view

Finding Nemo

Okay, I’ll admit it, I was biased to liking this movie on several fronts before I ever saw it. It’s a story about a father and son, it has a quest to find Sydney, Australia, and it’s an animated movie by those awsome people at Pixar. Any one of those reasons would have gotten admission price from me at the very least.

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Beethoven’s 5th at the SOH

Julie and I went to the Sydney Opera House again last night to watch a performance of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony as performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Now I can say that all of the classical music I know didn’t just come from Bugs Bunny cartoons.

What a great thing, to be able to just plan a night out after a day of work for the Symphony, or an Opera, or a play… or something besides a movie and an overpriced coke. Afterwards, to be able to walk around the city with such great views and the hustle of the city going on around you and being lost in the whole thing. I am most definatly, a big city person at heart.

Melbourne Road Trip

Happy Easter everyone. I am heading down to Melbourne in Victoria for some fun for the next few days, hopefully the rain will let up. Looking forward to the nine hours drive south down across some baron roads with few signs of civilization in between. That is if I can even manage to make it out of Sydney.

A Day with Julie

Jules and I went over to Manly today where she introduced me to Manly and it’s beautiful beach. A really awesome day of just wandering around and seeing the sights with a guide to show me around.

Finding It

On the plane a few days past, it rained calmly and I had some time to reflect on some of the emotions I have had since being far away from the place I call home. I’ve been happy here. I’ve been happier here than I have been in a long time and knowing this, I thought it needed examination.

It wasn’t the change in geography that brought me the happiness. It wasn’t the expectations of what I was doing here nor was it the adventure. It was something more than that.

Friendships are a precious commodity. Lifelong friendships are worth more than anything. True friends stick by you when you make mistakes and don’t have excuses when you need help or support.

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Semi-Permanent in Sydney

After some time in Perth, I’m back in Sydney, Australia for the First ever Semi-Permanent Design Conference. I’ve scored a great long stay apartment right off Darling Harbor. It’s the smaller 9 story building in the very center of this photo.

The Ghan Railway

A few days ago, I decided that instead of flying from Sydney to Perth, I would take the Ghan Railway, I would ride on the Indian Pacific three days across the outback with a few stops along the way. It was more expensive than flying and certainly longer, but I wanted an experience that was unique.

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Sydney, Again

In 1999 I got to visit Australia for just less than a week and desired to come back ever since. This morning, after months of planning, I am here, standing in my Sydney hotel room, looking over the skyline, and it feels great to be back. A few days here to sightsee before I catch the train for three days to Perth.

Off to Australia

While driving to Dallas to catch a flight to Los Angeles to catch a flight to Sydney, One thing was forgot to add into the equation; unpredictable weather.

Somewhere around Ardmore, OK, the weather turned to crap and the snow turned to ice and sleet and it kept freezing over the window. Driving wasn’t really that bad after a while but them thar Texan’s have obviously not had to deal with winter driving much and they all freaked and set the cruise to around 20-30 mph. So, I missed my flight. First time for that to happen to me.

Got set up in a nice hotel and hanging out till my rescheduled flight leaves tomorrow.

Laugh all you want, I will be on an Australian beach in a few days. Nyaaaaa.

Grand Canyon, AZ

On my road trip across the western US, I decided to stop and stay the night at the Grand Canyon. It’s been quite a journey and a lot of miles. I’m kind of anxious to get back to Oklahoma before I head out to Australia later this month. I got up before sunrise and took this photo over the canyon.

A Day in San Francisco

After a days drive south from Portland, Oregon, I got to the northern edge of San Francisco and found a hotel to stay at. Today I am in downtown San Francisco with no real agenda except walk around, see the sights and wait for my cousin and his wife arrive from LA to meet up. I’ve spent most of the day hanging out in Union Square.

Walking around with Nate

Tonight, in the cold air, Nathan and I went for a long walk to nowhere special only to get outside for a little bit and hang out together. We talked about things like school, my trip coming up, friends of his and the friends at his old school that he missed sometimes.

I started thinking about how he had his whole life ahead of him and what fun things he could do along the way. He wanted to know if he could come on my trip with me. I told him he was too little to go so far away, but someday I would take him if he wanted to go later.

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