Toyota 4Runner

My new Ride! Leasing my friend Nikki’s old car while I am still in Oklahoma. Perfect solution for my situation since I only need a car while I am back in Oklahoma.

“A big wonderful long hug”

We had the most wonderful day today and I thank you. Seems like it started with a big wonderful long hug and ended with one too. Dee and especially I enjoyed so much just passing time with you two. You two just made the 6 hours double. I am now home and tired, but HAPPY tired. Did I tell you that I love you? I do. Thank you for taking the time out of your way. I feel special. You are special. Mom

– Faceook message from mom, August 24, 2010.

Silk Road

Not in country to celebrate Independence Day this year so we hit the town instead. A nice dinner at the Pomorra and then a fun night club called Silk Road in downtown Melbourne. Happy Birthday, America!

“I feel like I have been to Australia again”

Thank you Beau. I do appreciate you and following your travels. I feel like I have been to Australia again. 😉 I KNOW I have been to NYC, such wonderful memories with you there and I thank you for that wonderful experience again. I will never forget it

Austin is beautiful. Lots of lakes and camping areas. It is actually less mileage than Dallas or OKC. I have not been there for many years but some things do not change a lot. I would think you could do well there.

Meeting in Galveston would be fun. Do you ever visit their web page. They have rebuilt and repaired better than ever. Think I am our of space and will holler at you later. Love you Beau. Mom

– Facebook message from mom, July 2, 2010.

“A dream within a dream”

“A dream within a dream”. He took me to a “Neal Diamond” concert, twice no less. “Sweet Caroline” was his favorite. Did you know that? Also, “My Way” by Frank Sanatra. We danced to both he he. He loved following you through your photos. It is only 11:20 June 30th here. Thank you for the buffer. Have been blue all day and feeling stupid for it. J.L. still ask about him as if doesn’t realize he is gone (89 this past Feb. and Dad was too young to go). Smooches and hugs. Love U. Mom

– Facebook post from Mom, July 1st, 2010

Back in Sydney

Hard to believe I am back! I haven’t been back in Sydney since 2004! This is the view out the hotel window, I can’t wait to go see the city I called home for two years!

Back in Australia

A few weeks in Australia and it’s nice to be back, visiting the country I call my second home. Things have changed, circumstances have changed and a few faces have changed but some are familiar and have been happy to find the new ones and get to know more about them as well. It is however, winter here. That’s left a little something to be desired still.

The weirdest thing about being in Australia though is that it’s not weird to be in Australia. I have traveled so much and my home base is now non existent really, so traveling feels a little less removed from reality and more of the permanent status quo.

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