From Alice to Ocean

In my late twenties, I read a book that literally changed the path of my life. It was called “From Alice to Ocean” and it was the photographic record of Robyn Davidson who traveled alone two thousand miles across the Australian outback, from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean.

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Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park was a beautiful oasis in the middle of flat plains and nothingness. After driving for hundreds of miles with nothing worthwhile to look at, you find yourself suddenly confronted with rock formations out of nowhere that seem mountainous.

Learning to Drive

On our way back from Durango, Colorado, we drove through Santa Fe, New Mexico and had some lunch. About 10 miles outside of Santa Fe, on a long stretch of highway headed towards I-40, I decided to pull the car over and let Nate take the wheel. He was nervous but he did a really good job.

My son drove a car today, about thirty miles.

Happy 14th Birthday Kiddo!

So, I have this kid and it’s his birthday today on *this* side of the planet (I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia again). He’s like FOURTEEN NOW, like holy cow, 14. He’ll have a driving permit in just a year and a half, stressing about college and money soon, and wondering why girls wont talk to him anymore since he’s joined a “clan” on some Xbox game that takes all his time, but I digress.

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New Year’s Eve 2010

Arrived safely in Melbourne and with only a few hours to get used to the time difference, we’re going out to Federation Square to bring in the new year.

Going to be here for the next three months, it’s great to be back in the future!

Back in Australia

A few weeks in Australia and it’s nice to be back, visiting the country I call my second home. Things have changed, circumstances have changed and a few faces have changed but some are familiar and have been happy to find the new ones and get to know more about them as well. It is however, winter here. That’s left a little something to be desired still.

The weirdest thing about being in Australia though is that it’s not weird to be in Australia. I have traveled so much and my home base is now non existent really, so traveling feels a little less removed from reality and more of the permanent status quo.

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Pour trouver un chemin

After a rough start of my plane being delayed in Oklahoma City due to weather and a long layover in the Detroit airport, followed by a long rough flight to Paris, I managed to not let any stress get the better part of me once I arrived. It used to a lot, but I quickly found my luggage, got some cash out of the ATM, located the info to the bus I needed to catch and eventually found myself feeling a bit relaxed on a bus ride into city center.

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