New York City

An Audio Scrapbook

I used to be better at taking a break at what I was doing, enjoying my surroundings and sometimes capturing it on audio to give me an audio recall of that moment in time. Here are a few examples that I recently came across.

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Finally meeting the Co-workers

The new job is asking me to make quarterly trips to Washington DC, and New York City. I have no objection as I love coming back to NYC and seeing friends, even more so with the vibe to be working here again. I finally got the meet the people I work with and talk to on phone and online meetings almost daily. I think this job is going to go well.

End Transmission

From my rooftop in New York City in lower Manhattan, Battery Park City. When I filmed this I knew I would be leaving New York in about a month and a half. I thought seeing in later would make me a little sad to miss the rooftop, my apartment and living in NYC, but it doesn’t.

A Shaylaroo in New York

I’m back in New York City! What an awesome visit so far. Have been couch hoping from friend to friend and visiting everyone I can as well as new people who happen to be visiting New York at the same time. I finally got to meet Shayla from Australia today for the first time since we’ve been Flickr friends for several years.

Goodbye Drinks

Drinks and dinner with friends before I leave Manhattan. It was a great send off and Adriana was dressed appropriately as usual.

Goodbye friends. I’ll be back soon enough.


Walking around the city with Nate, I happen to be waiting in the Time Warner Center lobby while Nate is using the bathroom. I heard a familiar voice and saw Jessie in a group talking and we both saw each other and gave big hugs. Seriously, who just happens to run into people in a city of more than six million people? I told her I was packing and leaving NYC in the next few days so we went out for a goodbye drink later to catch up and say goodbye.

Jessie is an opera singer from Dallas, Texas and a very talented one too. I hope we stay in touch. It was always good having someone from the fly-over states to hang out with in NYC.