Goodbye 2014

2014, has been one of the best and worst years. I’ve lost too much family this year; I lost my mom. Life was so busy with work that I didn’t really have time to properly grieve and when I got the time, it hit pretty hard. I’m still very sad that she’s gone and at the same time I’m thankful that she knew what she meant to me, to all of us.

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New Year’s Eve 2010

Arrived safely in Melbourne and with only a few hours to get used to the time difference, we’re going out to Federation Square to bring in the new year.

Going to be here for the next three months, it’s great to be back in the future!

Goodbye 2005

Dear 2005,

I regret that my vocabulary, nay the English language, doesn’t have enough adjectives available to describe in full detail the amount to which you fully sucked this past year.

Universally, I’m sure you killed off some really cool star systems that could have been useful to the grand scheme of things or at least interesting to look at. But, you killed the Hubble telescope so who cares anyway.

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Goodbye 2004

This year I traveled a lot and saw some beautiful things. It was a good year overall. I grew beyond some of my limitations and adapted to new surroundings with fewer complications than I expected. I met interesting people all over the world and found a bit more of myself in the adventures.

Nathan is growing older, he will be 8 in February and he isn’t a little kid anymore. He has opinions, he has moods, he can have a conversation like an adult. He can even scold me when I say a curse word around him. I get a little bit nostalgic about missing the little kid who needed so much help but then I am proud of his ability to reason, grow, and learn. I am also proud of his big giant heart. He’s a great kid.

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