An Audio Scrapbook

I used to be better at taking a break at what I was doing, enjoying my surroundings and sometimes capturing it on audio to give me an audio recall of that moment in time. Here are a few examples that I recently came across.

The Birds in the Park, Melbourne Australia, Feb 2009.

A gorgeous small park right next to my apartment had a lot of noises going on from birds much different than you find back in Oklahoma.

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Skiing in Colorado

Nathan and I drove to Colorado to meet some friends and ski just west of Denver, CO. His first time to ski, I was truly impressed. Never had any trouble getting off the ski lift. Took a bit of a wipeout on a blue run, but he did a blue run on his first day ever to ski.

A life so changed

You have no idea what you are doing when you have a child. You learn and you grow and after you get the basic needs and care down you start to wonder what kind of person do you want to teach them to be, which in-turn shapes and defines the person you are. You take lessons from your own childhood and you correct or you amplify. You make mistakes, how you deal with those mistakes is more important than trying to be perfect.

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First Real Shave

Nathan and I were treated to straight razor shaves at The Shave Shop on Saturday. A nice treat that was given as a Christmas present, but we are using just after his 16th birthday.

Becoming a Man

You work hard to get things right. You are curious to how things work. You question things and don’t accept faulty logic, even if it goes against the grain of popular opinion. You have a big heart and consider others when making decisions. You look for solutions to conflict and you can admit fault so you can be better next time. You feel pride in your accomplishments and know there’s always more you can do. I’m seriously proud of the man you have become.

Happy 16th Birthday Nathan.