Happy 14th Birthday Kiddo!

So, I have this kid and it’s his birthday today on *this* side of the planet (I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia again). He’s like FOURTEEN NOW, like holy cow, 14. He’ll have a driving permit in just a year and a half, stressing about college and money soon, and wondering why girls wont talk to him anymore since he’s joined a “clan” on some Xbox game that takes all his time, but I digress.

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St Kilda Beach

Despite my inability to stay up late, I somehow stayed up late last night and we celebrated the new year with fireworks over the Yarra river. Shayla, Leigh, Tux, Brighly, and I had a great time with other friends.

Today we decided to go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine and the large kite sails. A beautiful day spent with Shayla, starting off the new year in a really awesome way with someone special.

New Year’s Eve 2010

Arrived safely in Melbourne and with only a few hours to get used to the time difference, we’re going out to Federation Square to bring in the new year.

Going to be here for the next three months, it’s great to be back in the future!

Silk Road

Not in country to celebrate Independence Day this year so we hit the town instead. A nice dinner at the Pomorra and then a fun night club called Silk Road in downtown Melbourne. Happy Birthday, America!