Above Gunnison

A quick road trip to Colorado with my drone proved to give great results on capturing video unlike I’ve been able to back home. Stunning treetops and river runs give a new experience to Colorado that I haven’t enjoyed until now. Some more techniques to learn but this was a good first effort.

Crested Butte ’08

Another year of traveling to Crested Butte, Colorado for Independence Day as has become our (mostly) annual tradition. I love Crested Butte and Gunnison County. I love Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. It replenishes my soul every time I come here. It’s one of the only family traditions we have. My grandparents used to bring my father here, my father used to bring me here, and I bring Nathan here as often as I can.

Stay awesome, Colorado Rockies.

Independence Day 2003

Crested Butte, Colorado had a great Independence Day parade and fireworks display this year and a lot of people showed up to see it this year. The rafting excursion on Taylor river was a blast as well, despite the cold temperature of the water. Nathan held his own on paddling the raft down the rapids and even mocked other rafts that were stuck on rocks as we floated past them. Mild sunburns all around but mearly battle scars for a fun weekend.