Big Fish

“Have you ever heard a joke so many times, you’ve forgotten why it’s funny? Then you hear it again and it’s new, and it’s funny again.”

My last few months of living in Australia, I saw this Tim Burton movie about a son who tries to connect with his dying father who spent a lifetime of embellishing stories of an otherwise already interesting life. The son can’t relate to his father and is going through a difficult time trying to understand him. In the end, he comes to realize that it doesn’t matter if the stories are real or not and learns to understand something very beautiful in those character traits of his father he never agreed with before.

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In a Room with Dad

When you visit your dad in the long term care facility and he falls asleep during your visit, you suddenly realize the value of a palm phone that can connect to the web.

Dad has been recovering with physical rehab training in Chickasha. After the scare of his hospital visit he’s been in here getting better. It’s good to see him in better spirits and more positive.