The day the Mercedes arrived

After three months of waiting, several setbacks on the arrival date and a few trips to Dallas to finalize the sale, The Park Place Mercedes dealership in Dallas made good on delivery by shipping my car to me free of charge to Oklahoma City. So there we have it, my first new car in over a decade after going most of a decade without using a car. I must say, I really love how the car feels too. More photos to come.

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Toyota 4Runner Overhaul

When I came back to Oklahoma in 2009, my original plan wasn’t to stay. I was waiting out the recession then heading back to New York City. I needed a car however and Nikki had an extra one after just buying a new car, so she leased me her 4Runner. After I took the job at Devon and decided to stay in Oklahoma, I bought the 4Runner from her. Since then I’ve had a new air conditioner put into it, all new drive belts, a new thermostat, a new windshield, 2 new lights, Rear brakes and drum replaced, Axel seals repaired, and now all new 16″ (had 15″) tires with all new wheels.

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Toyota 4Runner

My new Ride! Leasing my friend Nikki’s old car while I am still in Oklahoma. Perfect solution for my situation since I only need a car while I am back in Oklahoma.