An Audio Scrapbook

I used to be better at taking a break at what I was doing, enjoying my surroundings and sometimes capturing it on audio to give me an audio recall of that moment in time. Here are a few examples that I recently came across.

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Fairy Cove Beach

Camping trip weekend in at Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria, Australia.
We went on a long hike and I had all my camera gear in hand. What was something like 13 miles over a mountain range, we finally made it to the ocean. A private beach as a matter of fact where we had a pristine beach to ourselves. Great time this weekend.

Tracy in Sydney

In 2003, I came to Australia with a place to work and stay in Perth thanks to the kindness and generosity of Tracy. In 2003 I got to catch up with Tracy again in Sydney and we spent the day just walking around and enjoying each other’s company. Truly one of those people who influenced me greatly.

Happy 14th Birthday Kiddo!

So, I have this kid and it’s his birthday today on *this* side of the planet (I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia again). He’s like FOURTEEN NOW, like holy cow, 14. He’ll have a driving permit in just a year and a half, stressing about college and money soon, and wondering why girls wont talk to him anymore since he’s joined a “clan” on some Xbox game that takes all his time, but I digress.

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