This way a lion comes

You walk in, take your seat in the colorful theatre, you wait for the crowd to stop talking and for the show to start. The lights go out and a single large woman (Rafiki) dressed in funny rags and paint with a mighty voice starts singing the familiar opening theme…

“Nan ts’ngonya ma bakithi baba sithi hm ingonya”

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Madama Butterfly

We Went to a performance of the famous Opera Madama Butterfly this weekend. It was interesting and different from what I expected. Luckily, they displayed subtitles above the stage so you know what they are saying. The story takes place in Imperial Japan, with an American military soldier, all singing in Italian.

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Smash on the M1 Freeway.

Today, my dear friends Tracy and Jane from Perth fame came through Sydney with a five hour layover on their way home from Los Angeles. I drove down to meet them, have breakfast and catch up. It was a great time until I smashed Julie’s car into the truck in front of me while driving the girls back to the airport. The men in the truck were nice about it at least. The car is pretty messed up but it’s insured. Nobody was hurt except my driving record.

My first auto accident. Bah.

As You Like It

It was the eve before last at the Sydney Opera House that I did partake in a play that was written over 400 years ago by a man known as Shakespeare. The play, be it well performed, was a comedy that was without question humorous, entertaining, and thoughtful.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages…

The Blue Mountains

Jules and I went to the Blue Mountains just north of Sydney this weekend, it was a good trip to be welcomed back to Australia. We had a great time and avoided the power outages all over Sydney and New South Wales from the bad weather and strong gales.

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New York Takes a Chill

New York is slowly regaining their power back. I wonder what this event will do to the population of New York City in about nine months?

Traditionally, when large metropolitan cities go dark with no electricity, no television, and no radio, over the course of an evening of having to talk to one another, the people begin to lose control. On top of which we have a near full moon, NYC should have become unglued in the evening hours with massive looting, violence, and burglaries. 

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Independence Day 2003

Crested Butte, Colorado had a great Independence Day parade and fireworks display this year and a lot of people showed up to see it this year. The rafting excursion on Taylor river was a blast as well, despite the cold temperature of the water. Nathan held his own on paddling the raft down the rapids and even mocked other rafts that were stuck on rocks as we floated past them. Mild sunburns all around but mearly battle scars for a fun weekend.