Show / Web Design

Our365 was a New York startup I worked for as Creative Director where we created a portal landing site for our newly consolidated business that became the premier Photography business for newborn baby photos with a staff of photographers located in every major hospital in the United States and Canada.

While designing this layout, we worked side-by-side with Icon Nicholson in choosing our brand and style during the concept phase of development of the company.

The purpose of the site was to be an online photo hub where family and friends could log-in and see the newborn photos as early as possible after delivery. This was developed at the same time as other photo hubs emerged like Flickr, 500px, and Facebook, but our photo site was to limit for private access only.

We used Experian to manage our large database for very bold projects such as first name collection of newborns across the two countries. This allowed the user to find out in real time what the most commonly used name was in the country, state, county, city, or even hospital.

Our365 later went through a restructure when It was shown the moms were the main audience and most being accessed was by that group. Today it is known as Mom365.