Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan was born today. It was a moment I will never forget. He was small and red and the nurse scrubbed him down hard. I was thrilled to see him alive and healthy. It was the first time I ever cried from being happy.

Welcome to the world, kiddo.

Graphic Arts PrePress Lab

Back from Hawaii and ready to join the job market, which brings me to my newest employment adventure starting this week at Graphic Arts Prepress Lab. Night shift. Yup, I will be the night time output technician doing your film projects at 2am.

More Than Words

David, on a weekend home with me visiting dad in Shattuck, Oklahoma. where he lived at the time, found ourselves incredibly bored in Shattuck, Oklahoma. I was 20yo at the time. Recently found and converted from VHS.

We did this.
You’re welcome.

Sweet Caroline

I was so bored on a visit to dad’s in woodward, home from college, that I learned to play Sweet Caroline in one night on the guitar.

It would be years later before I could actually sing.