In a Room with Dad

When you visit your dad in the long term care facility and he falls asleep during your visit, you suddenly realize the value of a palm phone that can connect to the web.

Dad has been recovering with physical rehab training in Chickasha. After the scare of his hospital visit he’s been in here getting better. It’s good to see him in better spirits and more positive.

Taking Control

My dad is back in the hospital; He has a spot on his liver and they are looking to see what it is this week. I have been driving back and forth to Chickasha to spend some time with him, visit with his doctor and the rest of the family on what we are going to do.

When I arrived on the last visit, he was asleep on a morphine drip and the television was on by his bedside. Watching my dad wriggle around in a morphine induced sleep was a bit painful to watch. Having to watch Miss Congeniality on the television and feel powerless to change the channel was almost equally as painful.

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Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

I have actually stared at this blank page form, for like an hour, just trying to think of something to say. Something witty, profound, enlightening, sarcastic, slapstick, anything at all. I think I am just empty on content.

I saw my parents all week, checked into family legal stuff no one would want to deal with, finally recovered from massive jetlag, went bowling, and gave my son a masculinity complex by calling him Natalie when he kept throwing me back crappy baseball pitches. Yea, That’s what love is for.

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Walking around with Nate

Tonight, in the cold air, Nathan and I went for a long walk to nowhere special only to get outside for a little bit and hang out together. We talked about things like school, my trip coming up, friends of his and the friends at his old school that he missed sometimes.

I started thinking about how he had his whole life ahead of him and what fun things he could do along the way. He wanted to know if he could come on my trip with me. I told him he was too little to go so far away, but someday I would take him if he wanted to go later.

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Brave New World

Okay, so things kind of exploded at work this week. My director, Philip, quit this week and it’s had the company a bit on edge on strategy going forward. I’d been contemplating on leaving as well and today it looks like that is coming to fruition.

I wish New Media well in their endeavors and the people I worked with over the past two years are very talented, they should do great things in their new direction, I just need to go in another one.

Ackerman McQueen

So, after running Outland Design for the last two years, I have taken a position as a Web Designer for Ackerman McQueen New Media. I’m really looking forward to working with the group of talented designers and developers, some I already know and have worked with.