The Beardening

I agreed to let me beard grow for the month of November for charity. It was also interesting as moving away from Manhattan back to Oklahoma City, I was wearing a beard that made me look / feel different than my norm. I was happy to shave it off shortly after this photo was taken by © Ray Hatfield

Big Fish

“Have you ever heard a joke so many times, you’ve forgotten why it’s funny? Then you hear it again and it’s new, and it’s funny again.”

My last few months of living in Australia, I saw this Tim Burton movie about a son who tries to connect with his dying father who spent a lifetime of embellishing stories of an otherwise already interesting life. The son can’t relate to his father and is going through a difficult time trying to understand him. In the end, he comes to realize that it doesn’t matter if the stories are real or not and learns to understand something very beautiful in those character traits of his father he never agreed with before.

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Putting Christ back in Christmas

Mom snuck in a fake $5 note with a religious message on Nate’s gift.
I’m just confused on if I should be offended by the subversive attempt on my 10 year old without any heads up to me or his mom, or the fact that she didn’t make the same effort to save my eternal soul as well.

The Lost Art of Adventure

So, as a boy, I remember getting on a plane for the first time and waiting for the plane to take off, the thrill of zooming down the runway into the air, the wonder of the clouds as seen from the other side. It was as if you were as important as the astronauts before you because you were seeing a sight unknown to man for most of civilization.

And then came growth, bad management, and well, everyday American greed.

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Falcon Down

My old car, the Mazda Millenia (Millenia Falcon, get it?) was killed by Paula a few weeks back in the ice storm that covered the midwest (she’s okay). Actually, she didn’t kill it, someone else slammed into her so it wasn’t her fault, but still; she’s a car killer and she knows it. She killed my Ford Taurus many many years ago as well and car-Jesus will be seeking revenge on judgment day.

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James Wade

My dad passed away a few days back. I’ve been struggling over the last few days and on the journey of this trip to deal with a lot of emotions. Very painful emotions. This trip, while planned ahead and couldn’t easily be put aside, was a necessary distraction for me to not just fall into an emotional vegetative state.

We arrived in Prague today to the hotel after a long train ride from Budapest. It’s a nice hotel that feels very western, modern amenities like internet let me plug back into the world and check in on what’s going on.

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John Wade

My father passed away in his sleep last night.
Despite everything between us, I loved him. I loved him deeply.

I’ll have more to say about this later, just not right now.