New Apartment

It’s not bad. I’d eventually like to get something better, but this will do great for right now. Close enough for Nate to come over and swim and I can start to get all my things out of storage and collect my possessions back into a living space again.

Cycling, Extended Edition

Almost 40 miles today on the bike between Lake Hefner to Overholser and back and a few side trails. Also rode in a large group for the first time and I held my own. My asthma is a funny thing; once I get my second wind from it, I’m over it and pumped full of natural adrenalin, and I can go on and on. It might have been the last perfect day for riding and I took advantage of it. 🙂

A Peaceful Easy Feeling

Last night, as I was was nearly done riding around the lake again, I noticed the moon in the evening sky was full, or nearly full, and bright. There was another awesome lightning storm in the near distance, a rain storm was coming this way, and the sky was filled with a beautiful cloudy sunset full of color.

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Toyota 4Runner

My new Ride! Leasing my friend Nikki’s old car while I am still in Oklahoma. Perfect solution for my situation since I only need a car while I am back in Oklahoma.