The day the Mercedes arrived

After three months of waiting, several setbacks on the arrival date and a few trips to Dallas to finalize the sale, The Park Place Mercedes dealership in Dallas made good on delivery by shipping my car to me free of charge to Oklahoma City. So there we have it, my first new car in over a decade after going most of a decade without using a car. I must say, I really love how the car feels too. More photos to come.

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Zombies and Politics

I tried to buy some ammo for my handgun yesterday, for the first time in over six months. No one, and I mean no one has any on the shelf to sell. People have been making runs on Ammo since Newtown and the newest debate over gun legislation. Which, is interesting, considering no one is talking about limiting ammo sales, especially for a common .9mm.

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Brother’s Voyage

My sister visited from Texas. It’s the first time she’s come up from to visit me in Oklahoma since I have come back in 2009. She finally brought my painting she made me years ago, 2006 I think? It was very popular in her studio so I know it was hard for her to part with. It’s a great painting.

DEC Office

I started at Devon back in June 2012 but we only got to move into our new offices in August, two months later. I’ve finally got my office kinda the way I like it. I am on the 46th floor, looking over brick town. I can see my old office when I was running Outland Design in brick town a decade ago.

Family Day @ Devon

Today was Family day at work, just before the official ceremony tomorrow of opening the building to the public. We got to tour around the building and I got to show Nate where I work and my office. We went up to look around the resturaunt at the top of the building as well, it’s called Vast.
It was a pretty great day.

How to say Goodbye

I’ve always been pretty bad at ending things, even when it’s clear it should have ended much sooner.
I always believe things can change, I always believe in holding on as hard as you can.
Sometimes it’s best to know when to hug and say goodbye.


Moved into my new office in the Devon Energy Center today. I brought in my dad’s old hardhat next to my new one.
He sweat a lot more in his. He was a field worker who later oversaw maintenance on large field generators for underground pipelines.