Above Gunnison

A quick road trip to Colorado with my drone proved to give great results on capturing video unlike I’ve been able to back home. Stunning treetops and river runs give a new experience to Colorado that I haven’t enjoyed until now. Some more techniques to learn but this was a good first effort.

Skiing in Colorado

Nathan and I drove to Colorado to meet some friends and ski just west of Denver, CO. His first time to ski, I was truly impressed. Never had any trouble getting off the ski lift. Took a bit of a wipeout on a blue run, but he did a blue run on his first day ever to ski.

Crested Butte ’08

Another year of traveling to Crested Butte, Colorado for Independence Day as has become our (mostly) annual tradition. I love Crested Butte and Gunnison County. I love Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. It replenishes my soul every time I come here. It’s one of the only family traditions we have. My grandparents used to bring my father here, my father used to bring me here, and I bring Nathan here as often as I can.

Stay awesome, Colorado Rockies.