New York City

My first trip to New York City, we are staying at the W Hotel in Times Square. What an awesome place. You can visit the 9/11 site, it’s still heavily under construction and there is still so much sadness. Still, it’s a strong city and and it’s still breathing with energy. Looking forward to seeing what all there is to see here.

Daytona Beach, Florida

After leaving Kingsport, I took up an offer from my friend Wendy to visit in Daytona Beach, Florida.
The drive was spectacular. I have been in a real down mood lately, unable to shake the depression I have been feeling and this drive somehow just snapped me out of it.
I’m thankful and happy to see my friend.


We rented an RV, We loaded the quad bikes on a trailer to tow behind, we set out on a drive across the country to Yellowstone, Colorado, Utah, etc.
After a few tire blow outs and getting stuck once on a mountain pass in Apsen, Colorado, we managed to get to have some fun on the bikes in Gunnison, CO and then in Yellowstone NP.

Hawaii Again

Paula and I just returned from Hawaii, had a great time and some much needed sun. It was a last min trip to Honolulu to stay at Waikiki beach and everything kind of fell into place. A beautiful trip. We went scuba diving and enjoyed a lot of beach time.

Brave New World

Okay, so things kind of exploded at work this week. My director, Philip, quit this week and it’s had the company a bit on edge on strategy going forward. I’d been contemplating on leaving as well and today it looks like that is coming to fruition.

I wish New Media well in their endeavors and the people I worked with over the past two years are very talented, they should do great things in their new direction, I just need to go in another one.

Crested Butte, Colorado

I’m going to Colorado for a little getaway. I fear my attitude has spread around the workplace and all are standing on the cliffs, some waiting to jump, some waiting to be pushed.

Get busy living or get busy dying. I need to go find my smile.