Visiting Joey

A quick trip to California to visit some friends, I got some time to hang out with Joey in Malibu, who I knew in New York, NY. It was nice getting to see LA again.

The U.S. Ambassador

While visiting my friend Donna in Paris, I knew she worked for the U.S. state department, but I didn’t really know what she did. We were photography friends in New York years before and she was now stationed in France. She was a remarkable host to make her home available to me to visit, but she also asked one night if I’d like to join her for a Christmas party. I said sure and didn’t think much of it. Cut to scene where I am standing in a room full of US Embassy employees at the United States Ambassador to France’s residence. 

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Pour trouver un chemin

After a rough start of my plane being delayed in Oklahoma City due to weather and a long layover in the Detroit airport, followed by a long rough flight to Paris, I managed to not let any stress get the better part of me once I arrived. It used to a lot, but I quickly found my luggage, got some cash out of the ATM, located the info to the bus I needed to catch and eventually found myself feeling a bit relaxed on a bus ride into city center.

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The Beardening

I agreed to let me beard grow for the month of November for charity. It was also interesting as moving away from Manhattan back to Oklahoma City, I was wearing a beard that made me look / feel different than my norm. I was happy to shave it off shortly after this photo was taken by © Ray Hatfield