Key West Birthday

Julie planned a birthday trip for us from Manhattan to Miami, then rent a convertible and drive to Key West. The plane was delayed so the drive in the convertible, although still fun, was made a bit less by the fact that we drove from 10:30pm to 2am, so not much to be seen on the drive in. Still, what a nice birthday surprise!!!

St Germain en Cogles, France

Some time off, we headed south to Brittany in lower France to a little cottage estate owned by the Campling family. Lot’s of Wine, Games, and golf this weekend. Tomorrow I am going to help Chaz with cladding the side of the barn. It’s not just beautiful here, it’s postcard kind of beautiful.

Countryside of France

St Germain en Cogles, France. A few days with the Campling family at their summer home in Brittany, France. I helped clad the side of a barn today as well as uproot a tree. Tomorrow we’re going to play on a century old golf course.

Nathan’s Report Card

Ask me, who has a kid, who just got strait A’s on a report card, is doing well in Baseball, reads on a grade level above his, has been doing all his house chores as promised and wants to buy a cookbook for kids so he can learn to cook.

Go ahead, ask me. 🙂

Canon EOS 30D

I have owned my Canon EOS 30D for a year as of today. I’m pleased with the year I’ve had with it. I hope it gets even better in the years to come.

Visiting the Dwyers

A short trip to visit Kelly and Pat in Virginia, near Washington D.C. We were treated to a tour of the mall and as many monuments as we could squeeze in. There’s a lot to take in here and you could spend a week at the Smithsonian and still not see it all.

It’s good to see our friends from New York again.

Falcon Down

My old car, the Mazda Millenia (Millenia Falcon, get it?) was killed by Paula a few weeks back in the ice storm that covered the midwest (she’s okay). Actually, she didn’t kill it, someone else slammed into her so it wasn’t her fault, but still; she’s a car killer and she knows it. She killed my Ford Taurus many many years ago as well and car-Jesus will be seeking revenge on judgment day.

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