The gate to the hundred acre woods

When I was young, we lived on a rural farm in Oklahoma. No other kids to play with, nothing else around for miles except lots of land, cows, farming equipment, abandoned oil well equipment, and undiscovered ways to amuse yourself with the isolation you haven’t yet realized will start to make you a weird kid.

The ambient sounds. Oil pumps scattered out on the land, working day and night and going up and down to pull the sludge out from the earth. You could see at least three at anytime in any direction and they made a drumming noise in repetition; thut thut, thut thut, thut thut thut. You fell asleep to this noise in the distance, you woke up to the same. Menacing looking machines too, as dangerous as any rail road crossing. Where I went to school, we didn’t watch films about the dangers of drugs, we watched films about the dangers of Rail Road Crossings.

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Hope is a place

This year, which has not been bad at all, has been going by at an incredible, mind numbing speed. Seems like yesterday it was New Years Eve in Times Square and now we are at Halloween again already. This year however, has been different than the past. For the better actually. See, I haven’t found out things yet, but I’ve had to deal with a lot of things I been avoiding and I have had to confront some pretty big fears. Yea, I know, sorry, cryptic and I apologize but, I like to let you in on the fact that I am having these insights, just not as to what they are.

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So, here’s something new: I started a new job today with a startup called Our365. A photo sharing website for families of New Borns. This feels like a new direction and a new opportunity and I am excited to see what we can to do with it. It’s practically building new from the ground up. I will no longer enjoy a short walking commute in the mornings as I will be catching the express 4 train every morning to my office on Park Avenue.

The Lost Art of Adventure

So, as a boy, I remember getting on a plane for the first time and waiting for the plane to take off, the thrill of zooming down the runway into the air, the wonder of the clouds as seen from the other side. It was as if you were as important as the astronauts before you because you were seeing a sight unknown to man for most of civilization.

And then came growth, bad management, and well, everyday American greed.

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Key West Birthday

Julie planned a birthday trip for us from Manhattan to Miami, then rent a convertible and drive to Key West. The plane was delayed so the drive in the convertible, although still fun, was made a bit less by the fact that we drove from 10:30pm to 2am, so not much to be seen on the drive in. Still, what a nice birthday surprise!!!

St Germain en Cogles, France

Some time off, we headed south to Brittany in lower France to a little cottage estate owned by the Campling family. Lot’s of Wine, Games, and golf this weekend. Tomorrow I am going to help Chaz with cladding the side of the barn. It’s not just beautiful here, it’s postcard kind of beautiful.

Countryside of France

St Germain en Cogles, France. A few days with the Campling family at their summer home in Brittany, France. I helped clad the side of a barn today as well as uproot a tree. Tomorrow we’re going to play on a century old golf course.

Nathan’s Report Card

Ask me, who has a kid, who just got strait A’s on a report card, is doing well in Baseball, reads on a grade level above his, has been doing all his house chores as promised and wants to buy a cookbook for kids so he can learn to cook.

Go ahead, ask me. 🙂