Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

January of 2003, I was sitting alone in Union Square in San Francisco, California after a long day’s drive down the coast. I was just sitting, collecting my thoughts and watching the world go by. A girl came up to talk to me, she was taking a survey. She asked me who my personal heroes were. I really had to think about it. My first answer was Horatio Hornblower, a fictional character from the 17th Century English Navy who traveled the world on Tall Ships. My second was President Kennedy, as he was the last president we had at the time that was forward thinking. My final answer was Steve Jobs.

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A Peaceful Easy Feeling

Last night, as I was was nearly done riding around the lake again, I noticed the moon in the evening sky was full, or nearly full, and bright. There was another awesome lightning storm in the near distance, a rain storm was coming this way, and the sky was filled with a beautiful cloudy sunset full of color.

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Learning to Drive

On our way back from Durango, Colorado, we drove through Santa Fe, New Mexico and had some lunch. About 10 miles outside of Santa Fe, on a long stretch of highway headed towards I-40, I decided to pull the car over and let Nate take the wheel. He was nervous but he did a really good job.

My son drove a car today, about thirty miles.

Learning to bike

So, I gave in, I bought a bike this past week, a Canondale Supersix 4 Rival and over the last week I have come to love this bike. It’s fitted to me and despite a sore ass than needs to get used to the modern problem of bike seats just aren’t that friendly, it’s been a good fit. It’s also been 100F+ days since I purchased the bike so my only time to ride has been early in the AM or late in the PM but it’s still really hot in the PM.

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Why I Choose Design

You know what I hate about coding? for about every bit of coolness that you see happening on a website, 95% of the time spent on making that happen went to make
things work right behind the scenes, things you usually wont even
notice. So when I’m all “TA DA!” people look and go, yea? and then I go
“but no, see, if you do weird things here, I’ve compensated for that”
and then i get a golf clap.

This is why visual design appeals more to my ego. People can more easily see what you did there.