A Simple Plan

So this happened.

My sister had been wanting to get a tattoo for years. She decided that while I was visiting her for the weekend, we would get one together. Then it evolved into getting the same design. I was very hesitant but I told her a design I had been kicking around for years and she loved it.

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Family Day @ Devon

Today was Family day at work, just before the official ceremony tomorrow of opening the building to the public. We got to tour around the building and I got to show Nate where I work and my office. We went up to look around the resturaunt at the top of the building as well, it’s called Vast.
It was a pretty great day.

Just Breathe

I have asthma. Have had it all my life. Something I had to hide when I joined both branches of service.

A few years ago I had a bad bronchial infection and the Dr. put me on Advair disks and they worked great and I breathed a lot better. If I ordered these one disk at a time it was $78. If I ordered online, three at a time, it was $40 for all three. Bargain, right?

Last year I went off all Asthma meds when I started cycling. The idea was make my own adrenaline and replace the fake adrenaline and it worked. It wasn’t always easy to not use the meds but it worked and I was living without the meds for six months. That is, until I went to Seattle, stayed in a crappy hotel and got another chest infection and the Dr put me back on Advair. Except now, they cost $170 for three. As of this month, they are now over $200 for a three month supply.

Just canceled the next order due. It’s not the money, it’s the principle. I’ll find a way to live healthy without the meds if you are going to charge more and more for medicine that allows me to simply fucking breathe.

Dallas Birthday!

Weekend getaway to Dallas, Texas for my birthday. Stayed at the W Hotel and enjoying the rooftop pool today. It was a bit of a rough week but things are looking better. 🙂

How to say Goodbye

I’ve always been pretty bad at ending things, even when it’s clear it should have ended much sooner.
I always believe things can change, I always believe in holding on as hard as you can.
Sometimes it’s best to know when to hug and say goodbye.


Moved into my new office in the Devon Energy Center today. I brought in my dad’s old hardhat next to my new one.
He sweat a lot more in his. He was a field worker who later oversaw maintenance on large field generators for underground pipelines.

New Apartment

It’s not bad. I’d eventually like to get something better, but this will do great for right now. Close enough for Nate to come over and swim and I can start to get all my things out of storage and collect my possessions back into a living space again.

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park was a beautiful oasis in the middle of flat plains and nothingness. After driving for hundreds of miles with nothing worthwhile to look at, you find yourself suddenly confronted with rock formations out of nowhere that seem mountainous.