Beau Wade

Devon Energy

So, here’s something new and different: I will be accepting an offer today with Devon Energy To work in corporate communications in Oklahoma City, OK. in the big new shiny building that dominates the downtown skyline. Really looking forward to it and it looks there’s a lot I will enjoy doing.

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My Sister, The Graduate

My sister got to walk across the stage today to receive her college diploma. When they announced her name, there were a lot of people cheering loudly for her. A testament to her like-ability.

Congrats sis, I’m proud of you.

Considering Seattle

Looking for work in Seattle, so is Shayla. Microsoft is the likely candidate but there are others in talks with as well. Have been meeting some online friends for the first time and met up with Jason, my friend from back in grade school as well. I like it here, but it is cold and wet probably more often than I’d like to admit.

Cycling, Extended Edition

Almost 40 miles today on the bike between Lake Hefner to Overholser and back and a few side trails. Also rode in a large group for the first time and I held my own. My asthma is a funny thing; once I get my second wind from it, I’m over it and pumped full of natural adrenalin, and I can go on and on. It might have been the last perfect day for riding and I took advantage of it. 🙂

Occupy HSBC

I used to do all my checking, savings, and have my main credit card with HSBC in Sydney and in NYC. I have a good credit score and was never late on a payment with my credit card, keeping balance usually at $0. I assumed I was a model customer to my bank. In early 2009, I got a notice from HSBC saying they were lowering my available credit limit on my credit card by 97%.

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“You’re an interesting species. An interesting mix. You’re capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you’re not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we’ve found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.”

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

January of 2003, I was sitting alone in Union Square in San Francisco, California after a long day’s drive down the coast. I was just sitting, collecting my thoughts and watching the world go by. A girl came up to talk to me, she was taking a survey. She asked me who my personal heroes were. I really had to think about it. My first answer was Horatio Hornblower, a fictional character from the 17th Century English Navy who traveled the world on Tall Ships. My second was President Kennedy, as he was the last president we had at the time that was forward thinking. My final answer was Steve Jobs.

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A Peaceful Easy Feeling

Last night, as I was was nearly done riding around the lake again, I noticed the moon in the evening sky was full, or nearly full, and bright. There was another awesome lightning storm in the near distance, a rain storm was coming this way, and the sky was filled with a beautiful cloudy sunset full of color.

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