Dallas Birthday!

Weekend getaway to Dallas, Texas for my birthday. Stayed at the W Hotel and enjoying the rooftop pool today. It was a bit of a rough week but things are looking better. 🙂

How to say Goodbye

I’ve always been pretty bad at ending things, even when it’s clear it should have ended much sooner.
I always believe things can change, I always believe in holding on as hard as you can.
Sometimes it’s best to know when to hug and say goodbye.


Moved into my new office in the Devon Energy Center today. I brought in my dad’s old hardhat next to my new one.
He sweat a lot more in his. He was a field worker who later oversaw maintenance on large field generators for underground pipelines.

New Apartment

It’s not bad. I’d eventually like to get something better, but this will do great for right now. Close enough for Nate to come over and swim and I can start to get all my things out of storage and collect my possessions back into a living space again.

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park was a beautiful oasis in the middle of flat plains and nothingness. After driving for hundreds of miles with nothing worthwhile to look at, you find yourself suddenly confronted with rock formations out of nowhere that seem mountainous.

Devon Energy

So, here’s something new and different: I will be accepting an offer today with Devon Energy To work in corporate communications in Oklahoma City, OK. in the big new shiny building that dominates the downtown skyline. Really looking forward to it and it looks there’s a lot I will enjoy doing.

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My Sister, The Graduate

My sister got to walk across the stage today to receive her college diploma. When they announced her name, there were a lot of people cheering loudly for her. A testament to her like-ability.

Congrats sis, I’m proud of you.

Considering Seattle

Looking for work in Seattle, so is Shayla. Microsoft is the likely candidate but there are others in talks with as well. Have been meeting some online friends for the first time and met up with Jason, my friend from back in grade school as well. I like it here, but it is cold and wet probably more often than I’d like to admit.

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