My name is Beau Wade. My experience and educational background is in graphic design with a specialty as a hybrid designer in User Interface & User Experience design as well as development and production. I also have experience in team management on national and international marketing projects for various companies.

I am a published photographer with a focus on travel and landscape photography. My passion in this field eventually branched out from my love in design as a hobby and is now a full time ongoing venture.

Originally from the state of Oklahoma (Woodward, Chickasha, Oklahoma City, Cement, Weatherford, Edmond) I have also lived in Colorado (Denver, Durango) and Texas (Dallas). Over the past several years I have traveled and

worked in Australia (Perth, Sydney, Manly) until my relocation back to the United States in late 2004 to New York, NY in lower Manhattan. As of late 2009, I have relocated back to Oklahoma City, OK.

I am an enthusiastic traveler and a dad to a very cool kid.

I have several published articles and guest blog posts for many websites from design reviews to American politics. My last endeavor in this area was for a high profile political blog called

Since March 2016, I have accepted a full time position with ISS | Institutional Shareholder Services as a User Experience Designer.

What you think the universe is, and how you react to that in everything you do, depends on what you know. And when that knowledge changes, for you, the universe changes. That is true for the whole of society as it is for the individual. We all are, what we know today. What we knew yesterday, was different, and so were we.

— James Burke, The Day the Universe Changed

Why the Kangaroo?

You have that icon everywhere

I travel quite a bit, It started back in my time serving in the Air Force and continued from there. I had a fascination growing up, with the country of Australia. There were always maps on my walls and I always thought about going on an adventure across the outback. When I visited as a tourist in 1999 it stuck with me so much I eventually moved there for a few years and I do feel of it as a second home. Maybe I just like the idea of relating to the animal of another country that doesn’t quite fit in with everything else. I’ve always been a bit different.


Companies I have worked with

ISS | Institutional Shareholder Services, Devon Energy, Our365, American Express, Inkata Marketing (Western Australia), Hyundai, Williams Energy, RiskMetrics, Phizer, Jeep, New York Magazine, Icon Nicholson, Mountain Board Sports, Ackerman McQueen, and LeapFrog Toys.


Photography Published In

Jeep, Inc., Ogilvy and Mather Advertising, American Express, Finance, American Express, Publishing (Travel), New York Magazine, Time Out, New York Magazine, Ackerman McQueen Advertising, Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, Western Australian Tourism Council, Skyscraper Museum, HGTV, GLIMPSE magazine, Stanford Scientific Magazine, Mirage Productions, Design Sponge, New West Magazine, Panraven Inc., Taylor and Francis Publishing, BannerCaswell Productions, Veria TV / DISH network, University of North Carolina, University of Oklahoma, Google, Yahoo!


Outland Design

In 1997, I cofounded the Outland Design Group, a New Media company with the title of Partner and Creative Director. Outland Design pioneered early projects such as with great success and recognition in it’s day. Today, Outland is comprised of Designers, Artists, Developers and Consultants from all over the world that work together on projects of various sizes and scope.


Where to get a good Old Fashioned drink in Oklahoma City