Trump’s Covid-19 Trap

There was a weird logic trap in Trump’s speech yesterday and nobody called him out on it today.
Trump claims that Democrats “want him to fail on the vaccine for Covid-19” that he hinted could be available the day before the election, or by the end of the year, ergo being the “savior of America” for a disease that he denied existed for almost two months while it claimed a foothold in the U.S. and that most of his followers deny is much of a problem today or a complete hoax.
Point 1 – probabilities of your audience: Not sure about the rest of you, but if you split your conservative and liberal friends up in a room and asked who would be the first to take a newly rushed vaccine, which side of the room do you think would speak up first? Hint: It’s not the conservatives.
Point 2 – confused messaging: Conservatives have been saying they trust Trump but distrust Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the ADA, the AHA, the WHO, etc. But Trump didn’t work on or create this vaccine. So if you deny the vaccine, then you are not supporting Trump, but if you take the vaccine, then you are implicitly admitting that the medical establishment was right in their information all along that you denied was true.
Point 3 – switchback conspiracy: Conservatives have snarked for the last few months that “COVID-19 will magically go away right after the election” (implying it is all a scam by the DNC and I guess the whole world somehow?), and those same people seem rather absent in their opinions or distrust NOW at the announcement of a rushed vaccine the day before the election.
This entire stupid and idiotic logical paradox is exactly WHY WE WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO POLITICIZE PUBLIC HEALTH.

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