Let the Past Die

The new Star Wars movie; The Rise of Skywalker is about to come out and I feel the need to once again point out that The last Jedi was a good Star Wars movie and meant to subvert your expectations on purpose. If you didn’t like that, then that’s more on you than it is on the movie.Sure, I could have done without a few scenes personally, but I’m not about to go on a hate-rage over it on the internet like so many now do. While Ryan Johnson had creative control over his movie, I seriously doubt that Abrams and Disney were all “do whatever you want to the Canon, we don’t care.”. This was all planned. Imagine how awesome you will feel when the Rise of Skywalker will put everything right and bring back the tropes you expected.

But Ryan changed things, and arguably for the better. So did Irvin Kershner in The Empire Strikes back before Return of The Jedi gave you what you wanted: a remake of a New hope but with murder Bears.

Despite the audience bitching either “you just remade the original Star Wars” (Force Awakens) vs. “You’ve taken things out of our expectations! I DEMAND THIS NON-CANONICAL!” (Last Jedi) the people in charge are left with the dilemma: tell a good story? Deliver hard fan service? Try to evolve the story? Or do something completely new. Ryan’s movie chose to evolve it and in doing so worked that theme into the narrative of the plot: “Let the past die, even if you have to kill it.”

Star Wars, A New Hope (1979) was written for a simpler time and for a simpler audience. The world was black and white and good vs bad where good always triumphed, but in the modern era of the Sopranos, The Boys, The Watchmen, Breaking Bad, we like the films that now show good guys can do bad things and bad guys can have good motives. We live in a spectrum of gray world now, not black and white. That’s the story the Last Jedi is trying to tell, hidden in the subtext of a space drama. The Jedi and the Sith had both become extremes of the original context of the Whills and in so, arrogance and ego had permeated both.

The Rise of Skywalker will no doubt be a great movie, but 10 years from now, you will look more favorably on The Last Jedi.

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