The Impeachment of Donald Trump

The impeachment of the president started day one of open hearings today. Already, the impeachment testimony is giving us a good look at how corrupt and incompetent this administration has been. History is in the making. Chances are likely that he will be impeached by the house but not in the senate and won’t be removed from office. Still, from what I’ve seen, he should be held accountable to his record of subversion, obstruction, collusion, lying, and intimidation.

Day 1 of the hearings:

Today, we heard from William Taylor, the top diplomat in Ukraine, and George Kent, a State Department official who oversees U.S. policy for Ukraine, who testified as to their concerns that Trump had abused the powers of the presidency by making military aid to the Ukraine contingent on an investigation into a political rival.

Republicans and Democrats did not agree on much. Republicans argued that the military aid was ultimately released, so the president hadn’t done anything wrong. Democrats argued that the whole thing was still wrong and improper, and that Trump released the military aid to Ukraine — even though demands for an investigation into the Bidens had not been met — only because the House had gotten wind of the scheme.

  • Diplomats Say That Nothing About Trump’s Communications With Zelensky Was Normal
  • Impeachment Goes Public And Republicans Amp Up Their Trump Defense
  • Taylor And Kent Give Democrats Ammunition, Republicans Little To Work With
  • Taylor And Kent Describe What They See As Destructive Trump Foreign Policy, While Trying To Maintain Bipartisan Cred
  • Taylor And Kent Paint A Damning Picture Of How U.S. Handled Aid To Ukraine But Trump’s Role Still Unclear
  • Testimony Connects Trump To Ukraine Pressure


Day 2 of the hearings:

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is being ridiculous in these impeachment hearings for a reason. She’s not making a point, her party is purposely acting out of order to create a narrative they are being silenced. They are not. But Ambassador Yovanovitch’s testimony was so creditable to the wrongdoings of this administration, they created a distraction to get you and the media to talk about instead of the facts.

The same people who bitched about questioning behind close doors are now bitching about public hearings. They keep using “the whistleblower” as an argument of unfairness and saying everyone testifying has second hand knowledge of the facts, except Trump won’t testify, has ordered his cabinet to defy the law and not answer subpoenas. If you’re going to block everyone you can from testifying your truth, then your argument of second hand accounts is just laughable if not obscene.

  • Yovanovitch: Career Diplomat Says a smear campaign was pushed to undermine her from Giuliani and Trump.
  • Trump: Makes a threatening tweet during the ambassadors testimony, is read aloud by Schiff.
  • Stefanik: Keeps breaking procedure and interrupting Schiff to start a narrative of silencing the Republicans.
  • Nunes Keeps breaking procedure by giving his time which he’s already agreed he can’t do.


The Last Day of hearings

Despite the clear evidence that the president used hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money, appropriated by Congress, to solicit a bribe from a foreign country to help him in the 2020 election, Donald Trump will not be removed from office. The Senate is corrupt and tribal and if you’re looking at Mitch McConnell to do the right thing here given the evidence, then bless your heart for forgetting the man literally defied the US constitution to keep a Supreme Court seat vacant for a year, and is now reversing course on the logic of that for potential upcoming vacancies, to benefit his own party.

Still, the impeachment testimonyin the house is giving us a good look at how corrupt and incompetent a lot of people in this administration have been, even at the crimes we now know of. This will be in historical record and history will show Trump as a shitlord President who ran his administration to his own benefit like an incompetent mafia don. Even more so, it will show those who set aside all moral principles to enable him, even at the cost of their own dignity (Looking at you, Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham, and Jeff Sessions).

Donald Trump has only been saved, countless times now, by fear of his relentless lawsuits, blind loyalty from people who believe in tribal allegiance over justice, or because some people quietly refused to carry out his illegal requests because they were so incriminatingly stupid.

If you are looking for the good news in all of this, look at the sweeping wins of Democratic candidates in traditionally held Republican seats by voters getting tired of this demagoguery.

Look at the witnesses this week who testified, despite the threat of having their lives ruined for coming forward, did the right thing, spoke truth to power and did so for the good of our country. Trump and his entire cabinet were exposed thanks to them and people like them are still in government, doing the hard work, in non-partisan roles out of professionalism and duty. People like NSC advisor Dr. Fiona Hill. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. And NSC Director Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman.

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