Four chapters in so far on Rachel Maddow’s new book; Blowout. I honestly had no idea of the subject matter of the book when I ordered it, but it has been getting positive reviews and I’m a fan of Maddow’s deep dive into subjects. Turns out it’s largely about the oil and gas industry and it’s local and global effect.

Suffice to say, Oklahoma City and it’s energy corporate leaders, are talked about quite a lot. The second half of Chapter 2 was a summary of Devon Energy. Chapter 4 is about Aubrey McClendon and the rise of Chesapeake Energy. And while none of the details are new, it’s bound to be a controversial topic in my home state. But so far, it’s not a take down, it’s a history lesson.

It feels like a companion to the other recent historical and Thunder tell-all Oklahoma City based book, Boomtown.

I guess For better or worse, at least Oklahoma City is a city worth talking about now.

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