Europe 2019

The Summer trip to Austria and Italy.

Hallstatt, Austria was the first stop in Europe. After a long flight delay and several layovers,the beautiful mountains with the small villages tucked away in the valleys was an incredible view. Everything felt like it was a step out of time and you couldn’t help but love the disconnect from modern conveniences.

Venice, Italy was the second stop, the first arrival in Italy and near Aviano AB where I had stayed while serving in the U.S. Air Force. While much of this felt like a tourist trap, it also felt very authentic. The alleyways were easy to get lost in but you didn’t care. I put 30k steps of walking on my pedometer in one day and it was probably my favotite stop on the trip.

Florence, Italy, was the next stop on the European tour and where my birthday was celebrated this year. It rained over the dome, which was easy to view from the apartment window.

Genoa, Italy felt a bit lost in time more than anywhere else. The city was a bit more isolated form the normal tourism rout we had been on and the amenities to get around was less obvious to a traveler. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful city and we swam in the Ligurian Sea at Boccadasse.

Milan, Italy was a shoppers paradise for some people. The hotel (Excelsior Hotel Gallia) was by far the nicest on the trip.  I’ve never seen such a grand shopping center as I did at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.



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