The Trump List

A helpful list for you to know the facts. A work in progress, additions will come over time. Please feel free to reference so you don’t have to keep repeating yourself. Leave comments if I have left anything out.

General Lies

Russia Investigation

North Korea

Trump said he fixed the nuclear threat from North Korea, he didn’t. Calls the brutal dictator “a close friend” who writes love letters to him. Currently, the diplomatic relations are fractured and Kim refuses to talk to Sec of State, Mike Pompeo. Talks continue, but on Kim’s terms, not Trump’s.

Fights with others


Build That Wall

– Trump shut down the U.S. Government for 35 days (The longest in US History) over the border wall fight for $5 billion. He never got his five billion and eventually claimed victory to getting 1.8 billion approved by the house (this is less than he could have agreed to end the shutdown)
– Trump has separated families who attempt to enter the country. forcing children into facilities, alone. No tracking system was put in place to reunite the families.
– Trump justice lawyers are currently arguing in court to deny the children in detention alone, basic needs like soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, etc.

White Nationalists

– Trump defended Neo-Nazis after one murdered a protester in Charlottesville, Heather Hayer, and gravely injured many others. On top of the fact they were organized, carrying Tiki Torches, and yelling “Jews will not replace us.”
– Trump never denounced White Nationalist leaders like David Duke during the election after Duke endorsed him. Even more, Trump lied and said he didnt know who David Duke was when evidence showed they know each other.

2016 Election and Inauguration

– Before the results of the 2016 election, Trump broke with tradition and was prepared to discredit the election and not congratulate his opponent and start a public campaign as the election being stolen from him. After he lost the popular election and won the electoral vote, has remained quiet on the ‘rigged system” until recent rallies where he is repeating the claim of the possible stolen election against him.
– Trump was not popularly elected, his base acts like God put him in office for conservative judge appointments and the fight against abortion. (Trump was a donor to Planned Parenthood, The Clintons, and a member of the Democratic party before he saw an opportunity to scam conservatives)
– Trump keeps making the claim he was spied on during the election, implicating Obama. This is probably a lie since you can’t trust claims made by Trump at face value, but if he was under surveillance, it’s most likely because the FBI was aware of his attempts at collusion with Russia, as laid out in the Muller report.

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