Remembering Alan

Some people come into your life and they change you.
One of those people who had that impact on me, passed away this morning.

Years ago, my sister married Alan Punches in Durango, CO. He was her psychology professor at Ft. Lewis College and they started dating after the class ended. They had a family together. He was the bond their family, and my family, needed at the time. His presence changed everyone for the better.

Alan taught me how to change the oil in my car, how to carry self respect, he helped me apply for colleges and gave me advice I still carry to this day. He helped my family though some very emotional times that we came out the better for.

After their marriage, Alan adopted my sister’s son Chris. They later had two more boys together; Dusty and Andy. Alan always treated them the same.

I am hollowed by this. I’ve lost a friend, a father figure I needed at seventeen years old, and I’m saddened for my sister and my nephews. Good vibes, prayers, whatever, for my sister’s family today please.

He also welcomed his wife’s little brother to hang out them in their apartment while we hung out and listened to his record collection. Elton John was a favorite.

Rest in peace, Alan.

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  • Scott Cracraft August 2, 2018   Reply →

    Great comments about Alan. I worked for him. The best boss I have ever had. Our campus is in a state of shock. He was a real mentor to me.

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