While visiting my sis on the island, I took the drone and wanted to capture some footage of the beach, of Beth, and us on her birthday.

The footage was kinda terrible. The sun was so bright, I could barely see the screen. Auto settings set the aperture too high so the video was too dark. I was able to clean up a bit in post, but this caused some noise in the image quality. The software kept being a problem too; We were in a restricted zone with coast guard flying helicopters around, so I flew only a few a quick runs down the beach before it became a thing. Still, I’m glad I got the day with my sister on her 50th birthday and I’m glad we at least got the footage we did. I’ll make another visit with the drone in the near future and get some better video.

FYI – There’s a post-credit scene for those who thought this was too sappy. 🙂

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