A Nathan’s Life

My son is 21 years old today.

I made this video for him, to take notice of all the things, all the events, all the sadness, and all the joy he’s experienced in this life so far.

The first photo, is literally how I still see him. He’s this kid to me still. And, even though I treat him with the respect of the age that he is now, I can’t help but see this boy.

It’s also a goodbye letter. My heart breaks every day as I am saying goodbye to the boy that he was, the one who needed me, needed my strength when he felt weak, needed my comfort when he felt sad, and needed my protection when he felt scared. I’m saying goodbye to the boy that needed me, as he’s replaced by the man of which I am proud.

I loved using this song as well. It has a slow tempo that feels like reflection, but then the tempo speeds up and gives me a chance to flash the photos of Nathan, in rapid succession, to give you a feeling of time going by quickly, because it does.

And, in the words of a great modern philosopher, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” (Ferris Bueller)

The last photo ends with him looking back on the bus he spent last summer living on when he was in Drum Corps, that he traveled in all over the midwest. It was one of those life changing experiences for him. You could tell as we were walking away, and he said his goodbyes, that he was sad to leave it in the past. But, it’s not like there was a choice.

This is life.

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