Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Movie historians baffled that critics of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi were expecting more serious toned literary greatness from the predecessor of a samurai space opera knock-off of Flash Gordon (Seriously, look it up, Lucas wanted to originally do a Flash Gordon movie but couldn’t secure the rights).

No spoilers, you’re welcome.


Look, it’s not going to please everyone. I for one was ready to hate it with porgs threatening to ewok it the hell up. but it was an interesting tale of the new and the old with nice dualities given in the story arc. Luke was tested to kill his father and he resisted, Ben was tested to kill his father and he succumbed, the antagonist and protagonist from both eras are the opposite sides of the same, even more so than with Luke and his father Anakin (Darth Vader). Regardless, both sides wanted someone’s father killed. The 1st generation era films were about hard lines of good vs. evil like most stories of the day. This era tells a more complicated story, the gray areas that exist and questioning the myths and legends of what we are told to believe. It’s Star Wars for a different audience and if you were just expecting a pew-pew-pew (zwoosh) muppet battle with medals awarded at the end, then yes, you probably left disappointed.


Samurai space opera

Star Wars is already challenged to tell the essential same story but with a modern twist. The empire is gone but the First Order is just another stand-in of oppression (or order, depending on your POV). The First order are still goose stepping Nazi-like jackholes (Nazi’s are jackholes, kids. I shouldn’t have to point that out and yet here we are.) and the universe is back to wondering if the Jedi and Sith religions were just a myth. Time is linear but history is cylindrical because people behave in similar patterns. Also, Dogma is the death of any ideology; that’s the point of not only the story being told, but in the franchise itself.
I could nit-pick some things in this movie; the casino part had me worried this movie was about to go off the rails but the overall movie’s tone, feel, filmography, emotion, music, story arc, was not only spot on where it needed to be in the trilogy, but in the overall universe canon as well. The movie showcased more of Carrie Fisher, several scenes were powerfully emotional given the knowledge of her recent real-life death.
This Star Wars story made me feel for the characters again, something I was lacking in most of the The Force Awakens. This story went off the normal three act tier in much the same way that Empire Strikes Back did. This story left me wondering about the fate of the heros as well. In all honesty, bias aside to the originals, I might actually say this was the best Star Wars movie made to date.


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  • Lester Icke December 18, 2017   Reply →

    I loved sitting in the theater watching Star Wars at the age of 6 and I loved it again 40 years later.
    The one thing I thought was so very avoidable was the name !
    We already have a “Last Jedi” !
    I liked the humor and the reality of the characters. I have been emotionally invested all these years. It’s my favorite story because of the characters. The Millennium Falcon is a character in its own too. When I saw the shadow from “the old bucket of bolts ” during the rescue, I almost squealed like a 6 year old again .
    I love this story.
    I don’t care who medles with the direction or the lighting as long as the light and dark sides are both represented. And of course a wicked lightsaber duel must prove a lesson in the end.
    I’m sad for the physical loss of Luke. But I’m curious how he will transcend. And the kid at the end… what’s his name ?
    I want more…
    More !

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