Seriously 2016, just go

2016 is one of those years that seemed to defy common sense and logic. On a societal level, we devolved. A populist wave of “Go F#@& yourself” swept the country like never before thanks to an unchecked political agenda and a growing apathy towards others.

Foreign interference and hard-right wing talking points of “screw your feelings” took hold of most of the right and a great deal of rational thought either died or kept silent. We don’t actually live in a democracy in the United States, the closest thing to it is our House of Representatives and thanks to gerrymandering, that fraternity will be glowing red for years to come. Our president-to-be is known for bad spelling on twitter, bullying, ignoring security briefings, ignoring foreign influence into the election that elected him, filling his cabinet with people who hate the department they will be in charge of, and backing down on a lot of his crazy promises he never intended to keep. But whatever. I’ve stopped thinking we are the same people we tell our kids to be anyway.

  • Diseases like the Zika and Ebola virus kept us on edge with 24-7 coverage on our televisions (without the validity of actually deaths or outbreak to justify it), fake news dominated social media.
  • The continued argument over “The War Over Christmas” and it being forced and silenced to taking a back seat to other religious holidays as if anyone was ever oppressed to say “Merry Christmas” and the party that values corporate self-determination has forgotten it was the corporations that started the “Happy Holiday” greeting to not disenfranchise non-Christian customers.
  • Telling the “Black Lives Matter” movement that “All Lives Matter” in such a way that felt like “Except you”. Tone is more important that words.
  • Racism gearing up to a momentum not seen since the Civil Rights area in the 1960’s and no one wants to actually listen to the other side on why.
  • Brexit. Just, f***ing Brexit. Doesn’t it feel like this stupidity started all of this? Britton held an election to get out of the European Union in a move that was thought to solidify the EU when it would lose. When it didn’t lose, a new government was swept in to run the UK, leaving many Brits to say “Oh, Well I didn’t *Really* mean it”.
  • Internationally, terrorism kept a swift pace of attacks in mostly European cities.
  • Natural and man-made disasters caused massive devastation to land, homes and people all over the world.
  • Many of the same practices by big banks and housing finance over credit swaps that that caused the economic collapse of 2008 are still in practice today.

2017 is a year for personal change and positivity, because we need it. 2017 is a year of finding new hope and looking forward. 2016 was a year of change and 2017 means we need to re-evaluate and adjust. Things will be interesting over the next 4 years to say the least.

Things that sucked in random order:

  • The election campaigns.
  • The election debates.
  • Donald Trump.
  • The election.
  • World Politics.
  • The war in Syria / Aleppo.
  • Russia.
  • Russian interference in U.S. elections.
  • Still missing my parents.
  • Ending relationships.
  • Getting laid off with hundreds of others in a down energy market.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Deadlines.
  • Missed travel opportunities.
  • Sick friends.
  • Cancer.
  • Facebook.
  • Social Media.
  • Fake News.
  • White Supremacy / Alt Right.
  • Buying a new hot water heater.
  • My son getting his heart broken, twice.
  • That argument in a car for 3.5 hours from Dallas, TX.
  • Nathan’s kidney stone.
  • Nathan’s Dr. bill for that kidney stone.
  • Missing my family.
  • Empty nesting.
  • The way the DNC treated Bernie Sanders.
  • Civility being defined as “politically correct” and made bad.


Deaths that I particularly think made the world less cool.

  • Musician, Prince
  • Musician, David Bowie
  • Journalist, Gwen Ifill.
  • Actor, Garry Shandling
  • Musician, Leonard Cohen
  • Boxing champion, Muhammad Ali
  • Musician, Glenn Frey
  • Author, Harper Lee
  • Actor, Alan Rickman
  • Actor, Gene Wilder
  • Journalist, Morley Safer
  • Actor, Abe Vigoda
  • Musician, Merle Haggard
  • Director, Garry Marshall
  • Astronaut, Kick-ass American hero, John Glenn
  • Friend, Marc Kadyk
  • Best friend from Grade School, Chad Hale.
  • Tracy’s dad.
  • Actress, Princess, Carrie Fisher
  • Actor, Bob Denver
  • Actress, Debbie Reynolds
  • Actress, Betty White


Things that were good in random order:

  • New people.
  • Forgiveness and love.
  • New opportunities in my career.
  • The people that I work with.
  • Those two months I took off and did. absolutely. nothing.
  • My sister visiting for Christmas.
  • Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister.
  • My cousin’s wedding.
  • July 4th weekend with friends in Colorado.
  • Snow Skiing with my son and friends.
  • Traveling to NYC for work and seeing friends.
  • That trip to Corpus Christi and Galveston, Texas.
  • Getting things done finally to and around my house.
  • Retaliation of Russian interference in U.S. elections.
  • Star Wars, Episode 3.9 (Rogue One).
  • Cornbread.


In conclusion, 2016 is one of those years that exist to remind us to appreciate the good years and accept that change is inevitable. You don’t have to like it, but you have to accept it and move forward to change it.

Happy New Year, everyone! 2017 is going to be a better year.

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