Donald Trump

U.S. Elections 2016

At this point it’s more probable that Donald Trump is either going to win the national election, or the tie will go to the House of Representatives to pick the winner, which most likely would be a Trump win as well.

The House and Senate both appear to be a safe keep for the Republican Party also tonight.

I’ve tried to reign this response back a few times, but this was the best I could do. I’m not so much as disappointed in a Hillary loss as I am dumbfounded of a Trump win. Sure, not everyone likes Hillary, but The Republican Party acts like they like him even less (unless you lose in a primary to him and then suddenly he owns your soul and dignity). None of the former US presidents endorsed him or voted for him., The Pope publicly spoke out against his vitriol. His policies have caused world leaders to vocalize their concern of his possible win and its impact. His talk about war and immigration is not only unrealistic but dangerous and he’s offered no real plans in finance or security that even remotely make sense to most experts.

While you were concerned with what Hillary was doing with emails, you ignored the multitudes of sexual harassment claims as well as the multitudes of unpaid contractor claims. You excused the man for not paying taxes for over a decade but somehow take offense at the lower class for doing the same. You excuse the fact that he talks to women in a way that if it were you daughter you’d probably punch him int he face. (or i guess you’d be cool with it because the correct reply to your daughter crying about it is (apparently) “I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS, BRO!

The man spoke of a sexual assault crime and you equated that to “liberal feelings getting hurt”. The man is endorsed by white supremacist hate groups who want to end integration of our society and somehow you excuse that as “no big deal”, even though very little effort is made to distance himself from them. This isn’t about my sore loss in politics, I wasn’t a die-hard Hillary fan more so than I was against Donald Drumpf. But you justified the things we should all find repulsive about him and we stupidly assumed you would get there and realize the LITERALLY ANY OTHER CANDIDATE IN YOUR PRIMARY DEBATES would be less terrifying than the man you chose to represent you, but a win is a win, right? How does this man’s behavior align with the Christian values you held Bill and Hillary to task for for the last 20 years?

Anger and divisiveness won tonight. Racism and sexism won tonight. The unapologetic excuse of rape culture won tonight. Discrimination and homophobia won tonight. The very embodiment of “do unto others” was beaten out by “F** you, I got mine”. And this is who we are now, collectively and all together. We truly are the greatest reality show in the world now.

Congratulations on your win, but now you own him. He’s yours to defend and defend him you will. And somehow you will rationalize that with the values you hold. I want to wish him the best in gracious defeat, but I’m not there yet. Maybe at some point I can be but not holding my breath. I’ve accepted loss graciously many times in my life. This time, I’m just depressed *anyone* could be happy about this outcome.

I’m honestly amazed the illuminati aren’t stepping in at this point. Or Dr. Sam Beckett to set right what just went wrong, hoping each leap will be his next leap home. If time travel was possible. We’d definitely have like, a ton of people showing up from the future right now to stop Biff Tannen from turning America into the Las Vegas Strip.

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