In my late twenties, I read a book that literally changed the path of my life. It was called “From Alice to Ocean” and it was the photographic record of Robyn Davidson who traveled alone two thousand miles across the Australian outback, from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. Later, Robyn wrote her own book of the experience called “Tracks” that told the story in a more personal detail. I just discovered recently that in 2013 the book was made into a movie staring Mia Wasikowska and Adam Driver. They did the book justice and it reminded me on why i needed a dramatic change in 2003 and to go see the other side of the planet for awhile. I didn’t cross a desert alone, but found a path that I needed to find. That made me ask the questions I needed to ask and find answers to them.
It’s a good movie, You should see it.

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