Miami, Florida

Key West and Miami

Interesting story: After years of my friend Will who I knew from AMEX in New York City, telling me I should come visit, I decided to take him up on it and book a trip and see other friends there as well. One of them being another long time friend Vilma who I knew in NYC and another photographer friend whom I never met but had been in touch with for years who said if was available, I should come down and visit in Key West on the trip. What could go wrong?

Everything started off fine. Will even picked me up in his jeep with the top off and we cruised around Miami that night. Met his wife who I had met before in NYC as well and met their kids they had since then. Told them I was going to rent a car and spend a day or two in Key West to meet a friend who lives there on a boat. Everyone seemed to be cool and Will had repeatedly told me they had no plans to do anything that week so time would be free when I got back.

After renting a car and driving down the keys and remembering the last time I was here, I finally made it to my internet friend’s boat / home. Not a house boat, it was a small hobby boat, not sail worthy, but would still float, and she lived in it full time parked off of a cantina. We ate lunch, talked, and headed further into key west.

That woman was certifiable crazy.

After a lot of colorful interaction and finally having enough of it, I just… left. I said I wasn’t feeling comfortable here and she get even weirder after that. I rarely would just up and leave like that, but it was just too much. I wasn’t comfortable with it and she was getting noticeably annoyed that I wasn’t trying to hit on her. I got in my car and looked for a hotel, except that is was a weekend on Key West and there were no rooms. Anywhere. And on the island, gas stations aren’t a 24 hour thing, and also I left my phone charging cable at the place I ditched. So to sum up: my current situation was – limited gas in the tank, a few drinks in me, really tired, and a phone with about 55% battery and no way to charge it and no where to stay. I literally laughed out loud when all of this dawned on me. “It’s an adventure, right?”

There’s more to this story once I got back to Miami, and it was eventually a pleasant trip, some friends will make you glad you aren’t better friends, and other friends will remind you why you have stayed friends with them all these years. Thanks to my friend Vilma for showing me around the city and salvaging the trip to Florida!

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