Manly at Dusk

Finding Manly

Seven years later, I finally returned.

Julie and I lived in Manly, Australia from 2003-2004 and it was paradise living on that little peninsula off od Sydney.
When we left to move to New York City in November 2004, I was sad to say goodbye. I knew the move was for the best and I couldn’t take being this far away from my son any more, but I didn’t want to leave. I found something in myself here. I grew a lot here.

It had changed in those seven years but not that much. The apartment building still looked the same and I spent the whole days just hanging out, walking around, and enjoying the memories. It was hard to believe I called this place home for a time. All I could feel was gratitude.

I didn’t leave a piece of me here like I thought when I left, like I was scared I would. I just left good memories.

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