Happy 14th Birthday Kiddo!

So, I have this kid and it’s his birthday today on *this* side of the planet (I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia again). He’s like FOURTEEN NOW, like holy cow, 14. He’ll have a driving permit in just a year and a half, stressing about college and money soon, and wondering why girls wont talk to him anymore since he’s joined a “clan” on some Xbox game that takes all his time, but I digress.

The point is, IT’S MY SON’S BIRTHDAY and he’s kinda awesome. Go leave a comment on his wall. He deserves a lot of attention today. If you can’t find his FB page, then leave him a comment here. He’ll see it.

PS – I was screen sharing on my computer the other night and checked to see if anyone was on it. Nate was on it and I snagged a photo. Happy birthday dork!) 🙂 Bwahahaha.

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