And who knows what the tide can bring

I have been sick for some time. Not down and out sick, but the kind that keeps you awake at nights and hacking up stuff during the day. It’s draining and it just makes you kind of hate life while you have it in a debilitating way.

I extended my stay in Texas because I can (let’s hope) and because it’s warm here, I can smell the ocean here and can feel the sun here. It’s not quite Manly beach in Sydney but it works.

I have been staying in a beautiful Victorian styled cottage home. I have had no allergies here, no asthma, no anything. I don’t sweat in abundance here (and it’s warmer) I think some people’s bodies were just built for specific climates.

I really hope New York City can just warm the hell up a bit before I head back over the next few days.


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