Goodbye 2005

Dear 2005,

I regret that my vocabulary, nay the English language, doesn’t have enough adjectives available to describe in full detail the amount to which you fully sucked this past year.

Universally, I’m sure you killed off some really cool star systems that could have been useful to the grand scheme of things or at least interesting to look at. But, you killed the Hubble telescope so who cares anyway.

Globally, you brought us continuing war, more religious intolerance, hunger, more violence, and more of a warming trend with some more-than-usual crap weather. Way to go pal.

Nationally, you got our hopes up that we could run a space program again then slammed the door back in our face. You made us endure seeing Michael Jackson in his pajamas on television, you killed Mitch Hedberg and you let this guy make a video. You let Halle Berry make Cat Woman and allowed Sharon Stone a starring role all at the same time, You made Apple Computer’s customer service suck all over again, You made us all fight over things like Terri Schiavo avoiding the real issues, You let Cyan Worlds go under, you let Kevin Costner make another movie. You broke up Jennifer and Brad and replaced Howard Stern with… I can’t believe I am saying this; David Lee Roth!!?

But above all, because right now I am very self involved on how bad you sucked for me this year;

Personally, you started off the year with taking away one of my nephews favorite hobbies; walking. You saw my kid take a punch in his first fight. You broke my camera to an extent that the repair cost about as much as a new camera. The lung infection in February, hello? What the hell was that all about? My father passing away in July, My uncle passing away nine days later, my ass of a cousin and her phone call after the funeral. A trip through Europe that was from hell from the start with mild improvements to the end. You bent my laptop, Broke my phone, Hurricane Rita driving my family from their homes and living without power for almost a month, Emergency room visit because I couldn’t breath, that ass of a hair salon that shaved my head in Melbourne, Mom’s breast cancer scare, Beth’s scare with cancer, and the NYC transit strike. Oh and on a side note; thanks for the skin problems and the allergies that surfaced this year.

I hate to end things on a bad note though, so let us recall some good things you did.
My nephew is getting the use of his legs back and has come a long ways from where anyone thought he’d be last year. You brought a few really good travels this past year. You brought new friends and kept some old ones. My son is happy and healthy and my family is a little stronger through all the trials it went through.

Still, overall you sucked 2005. And I have a gun to 2006 right now with a demand for a good year to come. Don’t make me angry.

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