I’m walking, it’s a dark street and the world seems like it’s only in black and white. The only visible light is coming from about a block away; a street lamp shining over a single house on the corner. It’s dark but I can see a man on top of the lower roof doing repair work. It’s my father and from this distance I can see he looks tired.

The street lamp shines brightly on him making him and the house well lit but not much else around. This could be the only house around as far as I can tell. I climb up a ladder and see him closer now as I get to the top. He looks busy and concentrating on his work. He finally notices me and I ask him if he’s okay. “Yea, I’m doing okay”, he says and then takes a pause. “Really, I’d like to be doing something else though, I don’t like this job”. With a hammer in his hand, It looked like he was roofing the house which seemed odd to me. I’d never seen my father roof a house before. I tell him I will go and find someone and see if we can get him a different job. He smiles a bit and I start to go back down the ladder  until he says “You know what I would rather be doing is working on the guttering.” …

I tell him I will see what I can do as I head back down the ladder. I’ve never seen my dad do any of these type of chores before so the request seemed odd to me. On the way down the ladder he starts hammering again and it suddenly dawns on me this is a dream.

It’s a dream and yet there he is. This makes sense now and I don’t want it to.

I climb back up to the top of the ladder and he stops hammering and looks at me again.

“Dad, are you … are you dead?”

His smile comes back as if he was waiting for me to catch up to what was going on. “Yea, I am”.

“Ok, …I understand”.


An awkward pause as we look at each other while reality now permeates into the dream like a flood.

“I’m not sure if I can make the guttering job happen then.”

– End dream

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