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    My travels and experiences across the planet. Personal adventures, documented.

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    A collection of vaguely interesting thoughts that are my experiences.

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    My design portfolio of work I have done in my design and photography career.

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Welcome to the portfolio and digital home of Beau Wade, a Designer with a background in Graphic Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Front End Development and a background as a Photography Artist.

I have traveled a great deal in my home country, The United States, as well as many other countries with amazing landscapes and culture. My passions in all of these fields is complementary to one another and each of these strengths has made be better in the others. Currently I am a full time UX Designer, building software platform designs.

I am a published photographer with a focus on travel and landscape photography. My passion in this field eventually branched out from my love in design as a hobby and is now a full time ongoing venture.


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Recent Travel

Banff, Canada

Banff, Canada

Jan 2018. An adventure to the sub zero temperatures in the Alberta wilderness with hikes in the National Park.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

May 2017. Queenstown, The Milford Sound, and the surrounding areas of the beautiful south island landscape.

Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Melbourne, Victoria Australia

May 2017. The city and culture of Victoria's capital city in a recent visit to my former residence in Australia.